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Quickbooks Online

Are you tired of the inefficiencies of your old accounting software/accountant and looking for a ProAdvisor to help you maintain your Accounts in Quickbooks Online?


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Start Up Focus

Are you a start up and are exploring ways on how you can effectively manage the Accounting, Taxation, Compliance and Finance functions of your business?


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SME Focus

Are you a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) looking to improve the Management of your Accounts and Finance and need strong systems to move to the next stage of growth?


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Trusted Advisor

Are you looking for a Trusted Advisor for your business who can guide through the ever changing business environment and works with you like your business Partner?


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Welcome to Wealth Café

Doing business the usual way isn’t working like it used to work in the past. The world we work in is changing at a tremendous pace. The skills and techniques required to do business a decade ago are obsolete today and are unable to answer today’s complex business questions. What about the challenges of tomorrow and five years from now?

The phrase, “Knowledge is Power” has never been more pertinent.

Given the ever changing rules of the Financial environment we are in, the focus of the team at Wealth Cafe is to be constantly updated and provide its clients with the most appropriate solutions. Solutions which have worked in the past, suitably modified for the changing environment.

We help our clients connect the dots and find the most appropriate solution with attention to detail while not losing out the sight of the big picture. At Wealth Cafe, our commitment is our priority. We do not just aim to achieve our client’s expectations; but to exceed them!