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Accounts Désk

I. Setting up a Business

The first question an entrepreneur is faced with is what entity should he use to run the business – Company / LLP / Partnership / Proprietorship?

The final decision is a function of multiple questions including the nature of the business, scale of operations, plans of growth, raising funds from the market etc. We sit with the entrepreneurs and debate out on the best mode of running the business for them.

Our Services then take you through each step till the choice of entity gets incorporated and you can start your operations.

II. Accounting

Day to day bookkeeping and accounting functions form the basic needs of a business from day one. With the regulatory environment bringing changes at a rapid pace, more and more business are opting to have their Accounting function managed by a specialist.

Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements consumes a lot of time of businesses which can be diverted towards the growth of the business.

At Wealth Cafe we provide the complete range of Accounting services which include:

  • Day to day Bookkeeping entries.
  • Closing books of accounts on a periodic basis.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements.
  • MIS Reports designed as per Management’s requirements.
  • Assistance in yearly Audit of Financial Statements.

As a result, you are freed completely from the Accounting Function and can use your resources for the business operations.

III. Taxation

The cost of non-Compliance with tax laws in the form of Penalties and Interest can be very high for businesses. Technological advances have made detection of non compliance easy for the regulators.

Our taxation services include:

  • Computation of Liabilities due on a regular basis for:
    • TDS
    • Service Tax
    • Excise duty
    • VAT/CST
    • Profession Tax
  • Preparation and Filing of various returns:
    • Service Tax Returns
    • TDS Returns
    • VAT/CST Returns
    • Excise Returns
    • Income Tax Return

Apart from the standard regulatory requirement, businesses are faced with State/Municipality/Location specific requirements which we cater to.

IV. Payroll

Payroll processing as a function requires a lot of accuracy and attention to detail in its execution. It also involves compliance with a number of rules and regulations of the Central, as well as State Government.

Payroll processing services includes:

  • Preparation of Monthly Payslip of Employees.
  • Preparation and filing of Profession Tax Return.
  • Preparation and filing of EPF Return.
  • Consulting on Salary Structure mutually beneficial for the company and its employees.
  • Advising on the impact of changes in tax laws.
  • Adherence to ESIC and other local laws as applicable.

Size offers no concession, and all entities, large and small need to execute the entire above process month after month and would do well to outsource this function.