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Management Désk

I. Business Plan

Doing business without a target is like embarking on a journey without knowing the destination.

A Business Plan helps you cystalise all your plans, thoughts, ideas and put numbers to them. It also gives an entrepreneur an goal post for his business. Having a business plan made before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey lets you take corrective action well in advance. It also helps you plan your finances w.r.t. to the quantum needed and timing of it.

And when a business is started with funds raised from Banks or from Investors, a Business Plan is indispensable.

Over time, we have become Business Plan specialists. We do not believe in template based Business Plans and draft business and entrepreneur specific plans.

II. Valuation Services

Business Valuation is essential to making the right investment. It forms an integral part of every aspect of the economic cycle as all successful decisions are based on correct valuations.

Companies, lenders and institutional investors often seek valuations or fairness opinions from independent professionals during times of corporate transition and decision making. Business valuation can be complex.  There is often a significant difference between a business’ value and the selling price (which is a function of the perception of the buyer and the value he sees). Knowledge of the marketplace helps us to properly assess what your business is worth and price the sale accordingly.

  • Internal Valuation: We advise clients on the valuation of their business to help them make the right decisions based on the valuations; be it entering into a JV, raising additional capital, divesting stake etc.
  • Independent Valuation: Independent Valuations are taken up to assess the value of a business for third parties like new Investors, Banks, Lenders etc.

Our recent assignments include arriving at valuation for a fast growing e-commerce logistics company, an app development company, a Weekly Publication and a Paints manufacturing company with the objective of raising Capital Funding to drive their expansion plans.

III. Transaction Advisory

A vital factor in the completion of a successful transaction is the expertise across a range of disciplines to ensure value creation for all the parties involved. The objective is to create value rather than simply confirming what may already be known.

Transaction Advisory would include:

  • Financial Modelling: Forecasting the performance of businesses co-relating with the changing macro-economic, operating, tax, accounting, and financing variables to predict performance.
  • Due Diligence Review: In depth financial due diligence of companies to highlight any material risk.
  • Contract Structuring: Structure contracts safeguarding the clients’ contractual rights while maximizing the returns on the clients’ investments.
  • Business Valuation: Valuing businesses factoring in the most optimal valuation routes and in tune with trends and methodologies for purpose of buy-outs and sell-outs.

Our recent transactions include buying out a NBFC, an IT Staffing company and advising a Polymers manufacturing business on unlocking their asset value by selling to a larger listed player.

IV. Systems and Processes

Internal Control systems are the veins of a business following which most activities of the business are conducted in an orderly manner.

Institutionalise to scale is the secret sauce of growth. As a business grows, the owners cannot be present to overview and run every aspect of the business. To ensure that work is done in a desired manner even in their absence effective internal controls need to be designed.

Our experienced team studies your business closely, understands the work flow and then suggests the appropriate controls. Some of these are stand controls used across the industry while others are very specific to the way the business is run.

Whether you are a Micro, Small or a Medium sized enterprise, the need for designing and implementing adequate Internal Control systems cannot be dispensed with. There is a direct correlation between the rate of growth of a business and the effectiveness of its Internal Control systems.