I. Core HR - Where Everything Begins

1. Capture all employee data: Capture all necessary employee information ranging from personal to work details at a centralized location.
    a. Manage lifecycle activities
    b. Maintain complete work history
    c. Search employee data

2. Employee Information Management
    a. Manage employee database
    b. Track employee assets
    c. Gain insights from HR & CEO dashboards
    d. Collect and update KYE information

3. Employee Communication, Reminders and Alerts
    a. Manage employee communication
    b. Send reminders and alerts
    c. Use notification templates

4. HR Reports and Company Policies & Forms
    a. Use readymade HR MIS reports
    b. Update and publish company policies and forms

5. Employee Document Management
    a. Manage and access employees’ documents
    b. Generate letters to employees

II. Payroll Software- Ease your payroll burden in one-click

1. Complete payroll processing
    a. Process payroll with a single click
    b. Use guided payroll processing with checklist
    c. Compute accurate salaries automatically
    d. Use extensive reconciliation tools

2. Configurable salary structure
    a. Configure complex salary structures
    b. Add unlimited salary components

3. Automated payroll inputs and payslips
    a. Automate reimbursements, loans and advances
    b. Process payroll with automated payroll inputs
    c. Generate and distribute customized payslips

4. Comprehensive Post-Payroll Process
    a. Generate statutory reports
    b. Disburse salaries with ease
    c. Generate Accounts JV

5. 100% statutory compliance

6. Generate payroll reports
    a. Reconciliation reports
    b. PT reports
    c. MIS reports
    d. Ad-hoc and user-defined reports
    e. Customizable payroll statement/ salary register/ wage register
    f. Reports under Shops & Establishment Acts of various states
    g. Reports under CLRA Act of various states

III. Leave Management

1. Fully customizable leave policies
    a. Create multiple leave types
    b. Customize configure leave policies
    c. Access library of standard policies

2. Holiday lists
    a. Holiday lists
    b. Create regional or location-based lists
    c. Add Restricted Holidays
    d. Publish company’s holiday list

3. Minimal leave-related tasks and queries
    a. Grant leaves automatically
    b. Let employees and managers handle leave requests
    c. Focus more on strategic HR tasks
    d. Access leave reports

4. Leave year-end processing: Leave year-end processing need not mean extra work anymore.
    a. Automate leave lapsing, carry-forward and encashment, etc. With our easy-to-use leave year end process, complete the year-end processing to automatically compute leave lapses, carry-forwards, leave encashments, etc., for all employees as per your policy. Get accurate results and a smooth transition to the next leave year.
    b. Choose a year end process as per convenience: Choose from manual or automatic methods of leave year-end processing as per your convenience.

IV. Attendance Management

1. Attendance capture from varied sources
    a. Record real-time attendance
    b. Capture attendance from the ESS portal
    c. Capture attendance from third-party hardware

2. Geo Mark Attendance Marking feature
    a. Capture attendance from mobile app 
    b. Eliminate need for attendance devices

3. Extensive shift management
    a. Create shifts and associated policies
    b. Assign shifts to employees

4. Attendance Processing
    a. View real-time attendance info
    b. Configure attendance the way you want it
    c. Real-time reports

5. Employee portal: More than an attendance register
    a. View complete attendance information
    b. Regularize attendance

6. Highly configurable policies
    a. Create employee group wise attendance policy
    b. Set up actual hour computation logic
    c. Create attendance scheme, a one-time activity

V. Employee Self Service

1. ESS portal - General ActivitiesESS portal - Payroll
2. ESS portal - Leave
3. ESS portal - Help Desk
4. ESS portal – Attendance

VI. Mobile App

1. Mobile App for Employees and Manager
2. Payroll-Related Information
3. Leave Management
4. Geo Mark Attendance Marking feature
5. HelpDesk